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The main purpose of the site is to provide its customers information about our opportunities related to the supply of various products as well as a brief technical information describing the proposed materials. During the site is not doing business within the meaning of the Law on Electronic Commerce.

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If notice of copyright infringement in our site, please let us know at e-mail: zvezdomir_au@abv.bg, to withdrawn from your site if we can not reach agreement with the author or owner in.

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This site and its contents are published for your convenience. We do not guarantee that the materials published in this website do not contain errors and that access to them is unstoppable. We reserve the right to modify the content of the material it publishes the site and disable access, without notice.

We take all reasonable measures, that the information provided on this website is accurate and quality.

We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or caused any damage or loss caused by use of our website.

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This statement is intended to inform you of the measures to protect data sent by site users.

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If the user decides to make contact with us, it is necessary to send us information which does not appear in person, within the meaning of the law.

Snabditel.bg does not collect, store and process the personal data of its users, in addition to contacting customers for the service that you have requested.

Priority objective www.iobc-plovdiv2022.eu site is to guarantee its users a reasonable level of data safety.

Data received from users, will not be used for any purposes that are not published in this statement. http://www.iobc-plovdiv2022.eu/ site does not sell,  replace,  rent and  inferior to any third party submitted its users data.

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