A one-day excursion is planned for Wednesday 15 June 2022. The tour will include a visit to commercial orchards nearby Plovdiv, which grow about 200 ha apples and some pears. An organic apple producer and a quince orchard will also be visited. Bulgaria has traditions in selection of crispy apple-like quince varieties, which are offered to the fresh market and for processing. 

Bulgaria exists for more than 1300 years under this name and has a very rich history and heritage. Even before that Thracian culture existed and became recently famous with its exquisite gold and silver treasures and murals. The most famous Thracians known to modern people are the mythological musician Orpheus as well as the rebel against the Roman Empire, Spartacus. In this trip is planned visit to Historic museum in Kazanlak with Golden Treasure and artifacts from different centuries, Art-Gallery and Thracian tomb in/near Kazanlak.

Since we really wish to make this meeting special, we suggest a post-program tour for Friday 17 June 2022. The main destination will be the medieval capital city of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo. It is a magnetic place you will never forget, including the Fortress of Tzarevetz, the Old Town and craftsmen street. The total fee for the post conference excursion  will be 90 Euro (60 Euro for students); lunches are not included. 


Bank transfer 

Please contact the local organizer at mmarinov6@gmail.com regarding the excursion.